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application 28th February 2022

Spa Awards 2021

The Spa Awards have been hosted annually since 1996. In a constantly growing beauty and wellness market, the renowned jury has made it its aim to set a standard for quality in 37 countries.

The Spa Awards are thus one of the most important international awards in this sector.

 Awards in this competition only go to products and concepts that embody the holistic spa philosophy of contributing to the wellness of the skin and body, and inspire with innovative services.

In 2021, our jury will confer the Spa Award to the best wellness products and spa concepts as well as innovations in the sectors of high-tech beauty, organic wellness and selfcare.

The 25th Spa Awards will take place on 

20 November 2021.

It is our great pleasure to host the awards ceremony at this special venue:

Bio- und Wellnessresort Stanglwirt